Echos: A 23 minute plea for emphathy

In Pink Floyd's 23 minute song, Echoes, the band argues the importance of rejecting the selfishness of society through universal empathy through use of analogy and repetition.

Pink Floyd addresses the selfishness of the world by repetition and sentimental diction choice. Pink Floyd begins the repeated chorus, explaining "no one showed", "no one calls", and "no one speaks or tries". Pink Floyd repeats "no one", emphasizing to the listener that they are alone in the world. The band does this in order to emphasize the idea that society isn't there for them in any form -- showing a lack of empathy. Pink Floyd emphasizes this message through use of "lullabies" at the end of the song. Pink Floyd uses lullabies in order to remind their audience of childhood. Lullabies are often associated with infancy and innocence. Pink Floyd reminds their audience of their innocent childhood, invoking sentimental feelings. These sentimental feelings remind the audience of the joy of being cared for – and empathy.

Pink Floyd encourages its listeners to explore the unknown and reject the comfort that society gives through use of allusion and repetition of a symbol. Pink Floyd introduces the concept that humans are meant to be naturally bonded and empathetic. Pink Floyd sings, "no one flies around the sun". This is an allusion to the Greek mythological story of Icarus, who's greed and personal ambition led his wings to melt which led to his death. Pink Floyd references this to show that those who keep within the self benefiting ways of society end up hurting in the end. Using allusion conveys a recognizable story of how lack of empathy and care for others hurt in the end. The use of a recognizable story that ended in disaster brings more urgency to Pink Floyd's message of selflessness and empathy. Pink Floyd continues to reference the sun through analogy – turning the sun into a symbol of the message of empathy. Pink Floyd sings, "A million bright ambassadors of morning" – a direct reference to photons, which come from the sun (in the morning). This is also brought up again, "sunlight wings". This symbolism that is repeated throughout the song in order to convey the message of importance of world peace through the story of Icarius. The repeated message of Icarius in different forms such as photons emphasizes to the audience the importance of the message that Pink Floyd convey's, as it is a repeating theme throughout the whole song rather than a single reference.

Pink Floyd emphasizes the importance of universal empathy for all humans through the use of symbolism, repetition, and allusion.