Sports Mascots

Research the mascot names of 4 sports teams in different regions of our country

For the last bingo spot, I decided to do something more casual and different from the rest of the activities.

Lou Seal

Lou Seal is the mascot of the SF Giants. Many assume that the Seal part of the name is a reference to the SF and it's seals, which is right to a certain extent. It's more specifically is directly based off the old baseball team the San Francisco Seals and the Seal stadium from 1958.

The "Lou" part of the name comes from a contest held in 1996 where 6 seperate participants submitted the name Lou. The full name of the Mascot is Luigi Francisco Seal

Stuff the Magic Dragon

The Orlando Magic's mascot is a play on the Puff hte Magic Dragon character from the song. The use of "stuff" is a reference to basketball slang where "stuff" means slam dunk.

The Dragon was given the best mascot award in 2016 and 2017

Phillie Phanatic

The Phillie Phanatic is a flightless bird that is considered one of the greatest mascots. The mascot for the Phillies name utilizes alliteration, replacing Fanatic (for fanatic fans) with Phanatic. The mascot has shown up in multiple films and shows suchas Rocky Balboa, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and the Late Night Show.


Youppi!, unlike previous mascots, was created by a mascot company. It's the mascot for the Motreal Expos, a baseball team. The mascot is best known for being the first mascot to be kicked out of a MLB game. After the team shut down, the Motreal Canadiens used the mascot.

The name means Yippee! in french. Since the fans are mainly French-Canadians, the use of Youppi connects to their culture they try to hold seperate from the rest of canada.