Alex Mehta

Machine Learning | Computer Vision | Assistive Technology


I’m a high school student in Sunnyvale, CA interested in the intersection between computer vision, machine learning, and assistive technology (read more about my assistive device Theia). You can also view my resume here. I also run Project: Empower, a non-profit focused on helping FGLI students. Read the latest press release from the organization here.

research (non exhaustive list)

  1. nactcn.png
    NAC-TCN: Temporal Convolutional Networks with Causal Dilated Neighborhood Attention for Emotion Understanding
    Alexander Mehta & William Yang
    International Conference on Vision and Image Processing, 2023
    Best Presentation Award
  2. review.png
    Resolving Voltage Peaks in Particle Beam Microscopy
    Alexander Mehta, Ruangrawee Kitichotkul, Vaibhav Choudhary, Akshay Agarwal, Vivek Goyal
    Boston University Poster Symposium, 2023
  3. theia.png
    Help the Blind See: Assistance for the Visually Impaired through Augmented Acoustic Simulation
    Alexander Mehta & Ritik Jalisatgi
  4. review.png
    A Survey of Self-Driving Car Deep Learning Algorithms
    Alexander Mehta
    Science Youth, 2022